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A comprehensive video guide telling you everything you need to know about how to get started in upholstery

Are you wondering if upholstery is for you but you’re unsure how to get started?

Would you like to know:

  • what it entails
  • how to choose the right class or course for your goals
  • what kit you need
  • how to find the perfect beginner’s project
  • how to get the answers to all your burning questions
Sharon O'Connor in front of studio

If you enjoy giving new life to old furniture and have a passion for fabric, design and interiors, then I’d like to support you and help you make upholstery a skill you’ll love forever.

In Virtual Vintique: Upholstery Uncovered, I share my knowledge from 10+ years in the industry.

The guide
This digital toolkit includes a comprehensive video guide and downloadable resources.
It is your guide to navigating the world of upholstery and finding the technical route that’s right for YOU.

The community
Our private Facebook group is a supportive community of learners, all embarking on some kind of upholstery training. This connection helps ensure you have an enjoyable and successful journey into upholstery and is an opportunity to make new friends.

Sewing machine and patterned fabrics pinned to wall

Whether you’re considering upholstery as a hobby, occasional income stream or a new career, the Virtual Vintique video guide and Facebook community will provide all the information required to help you make the right choices and avoid costly mistakes before you embark on your training in the craft.

I can’t wait to share my hints and tips with you.
Will you join us?

Kind Words

Sharon smiling sitting on workbench in workshop

“Virtual Vintique: Upholstery Uncovered contains all the information you need to make a really educated decision about whether a career or hobby in upholstery might be for you. It’s open and honest, which is really refreshing. I am still working my way through the stages and I’m looking forward to starting the next one.”

– Kirsty

“I debated about whether to sign up to Sharon’s Virtual Vintique: Upholstery Uncovered course as I recently started an upholstery AMUSF course, but I’m so pleased that I did. It’s jam packed with information, tips and tricks for any budding upholsterer. The videos and PDFs are fantastic and the private Facebook group, with access to a community of like-minded people, plus ongoing advice from Sharon, will be invaluable going forwards.”

– Paula

“Really, really helpful, inspiring and reassuring, and I got loads out of it. It’s ignited my passion for upholstery and made me feel much more confident about signing up to a course. It built on my existing knowledge of upholstery. It really helped me learn more about what it takes to become an upholsterer.”

– Jacqui

“It built on my existing knowledge of upholstery; it really helped me learn more about what it takes to become an upholsterer. All the information is helpful for someone just starting out. From my own point of view, I have taken away some good points and the contact lists for suppliers, fabrics, etc., are great!”

– Irene

“I bought the guide because I was considering whether upholstery was something I could take on as more than a hobby; I wanted to know exactly what would be involved in getting formal training and working as an upholsterer. It did not disappoint! Virtual Vintique is an absolute wealth of information, presented in a really approachable way. My biggest takeaway from it is that I can really see how upholstery lines up with my creativity and love for pattern and colour; and my values of reusing and rescuing items, making them beautiful and ready to be enjoyed for many more years to come.

I also love the Facebook community and your house tour.”

– Indya

“Thank you so much for your upholstery guide. I started my AMSUF stage 1 earlier this month, and your guide was so, so helpful. My biggest takeaway is finding the right course for what I want to do –I have to go further in order to do an AMUSF course, but I realised that it was going to be worth it to get the proper accreditation in the end. Seeing your workshop was really inspiring too.”

– Sarah

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