The Upholstery Process…

starts with a photo of an existing piece or an idea for me to source. From that I can provide an estimate of cost and fabric quantity. The design conversation then begins in my studio and the planning stage commences.

Nothing that comes into my studio shocks me. Quite the opposite. Broken is beautiful.


re-upholstery process and tools, brown sofa reupholstered to be a green sofa

There is always a solution, the possibilities are endless.

I sympathetically restore…

using both traditional and modern upholstery techniques and tools.

I work with fabric suppliers and independent textile designers who have parallel credentials in quality and design, so you’ll have no shortage of fabric options to choose from.


re-upholstery process, before and after close ups of vintage Chesterfield

Working with me….

during the design process is easy, collaborative, engaging, nostalgic, always inspiring, and ensures an individual, bespoke and hand crafted outcome.

We will laugh and sometimes cry along the way, as the sentiment behind some pieces is so deserving, that it’s presence is impossible to ignore. I love hearing about the origins of the furniture, the memories created and the ideas for their place in the future.


Before and after chair upholstery black and white patterned chair.

I can promise…

that once you begin, the upholstery process will become evermore inspiring. You will see the possibilities for creating one-off, individual, personal, hand crafted, quality items that mean so much, particularly given your involvement in their design from the onset.

So don’t worry if you’ve never embarked on a project like this before, I’m there to guide you through the process by recommending, sourcing and editing fabrics to make the perfect selection for you.


Before and after chaise longue upholstery

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