Welcome to Vintique Upholstery, a company I created, based in Teddington, to restore Vintage & Antique chairs.

A wrecked 1960’s Guy Rogers sofa from Ebay, vintage fabric from a market & an upholsterer to marry the two, resulted in far more than I could have imagined.

Not only did I have a bespoke sofa that I adored, but a desire to learn the craft of upholstery, so I could continue to indulge my love of interiors & furniture, leaving behind a career in fashion.

I began my training with the Association of Master Upholsterers, which led to a sought after place at the Cass Art Faculty of Design at London Metropolitan University.

In addition, I worked alongside Master Upholsterers in 3 businesses, honing my upholstery & wood restoration skills.

Blending traditional techniques with beautiful fabrics, I work closely with clients from all over the UK to create the vision they desire.

The process may involve re-designing existing furniture, sourcing a particular style of chair for the home, or even making a bespoke item like a footstool to add the finishing touch. The possibilities are limitless.

The art of upholstery creates the statement your home deserves.

I begin the restoration process by placing the worn out chair on my workbench, admiring its original qualities with a sentimental eye, before embarking on the delicate restoration process.

Once complete, the bespoke chair assures happiness.

Tel: 07764 182783 / Email: sharon@vintiqueupholstery.com / Twitter VintiqueChairs